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Our commitment to the environment

We do not inherit the Earth from our parents, we just borrow it from our children. Meeting a balance between the environment, society and economy is essential to satisfy our present needs, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

We at SYM are conscious of this and we bet on the future of the next generations. Thus, we maintain a high commitment with the environment in all our operations and facilities in Europe and the Caribbean, both on land and sea. The company meets the highest environmental standards and carries out actions of maintenance and cleaning with specific protocols that go beyond the minimum legal requirements.

The guarantee of our commitment with sustainable development is the ISO 14001:2015 awarded by Bureau Veritas, which certifies our environmental management system both for the ship building, conversion and repair and for our activities as a naval technical bureau. The requirements for this voluntary certification are transversally integrated throughout all SYM Naval’s projects and activities and evince our determination to always maintain the highest environmental standards.

The goal of this international norm is to give us a frame of reference to protect the environment and adapt to changing environmental conditions, avoiding the pollution and the inefficient use of the resources, preventing the climate change, the degradation of the ecosystems and the loss of biodiversity.

In addition, we have introduced a process of continuous improvement in the environmental performance that follows a PDCA (PLan, Do, Check, Act) method:

· Plan: Establish all the environmental goals and processes required to deliver the desired results.

· Do: Takle the plan into practice.

· Check: Evaluate the data and results gathered.

· Act: Make decisions for continuous improvement.

Everything with the objective of contributing to a sustainable development and the protection of the land and marine environment.

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