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A compact Oil Tanker with a high load capacity

The new generation of auxiliary ships for ports.

The Oil Tanker TM-083-023, with a load capacity for products with a flash point of less than 60º, is a ship that has been specially designed for collecting MARPOL I, IV, V and VI waste. Building this model was a real engineering challenge, as it has a total load capacity of 232.9 m3 for liquid waste and 36 m3 for solid waste with a tonnage that is less than 150 GT.

With a rule length of 23.89 m and a power of 2x360 HP 2.100 rpm, the Oil Tanker TM-083-023 is a ship that is certified by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in inspection and certification activities. The vessel is capable of assisting cruise ships, container vessels and other merchant ships to collect their liquid and solid waste. 

The company SYM Naval, located in the port facilities in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona), has spent almost 10 years building this authentic engineering feat, which required the participation of more than 80 professionals in the naval sector.

“Everyone told us: a ship like this with these measurements can’t be built. Its very compact size is what made this a real challenge”, explains Sergi Sánchez, Director of Operations at SYM Naval. 

This is a ship that’s built in steel and certified with the class notation Hull Machinery, Oil Tanker, Flash Point <60º. It was manufactured from the start according to the client’s ongoing needs, as is customary in this shipyard, thus being able to guarantee a personalized result.


“The client can always see the progress we’re making, since the entire project is supported in 3D. The owner has remote access and can see the status of their ship in real time. They can view the deck and give us their comments so that we can apply the necessary changes. This also allows us to avoid many problems when it comes to approving the drawings. We work in real time”, says Sergi Sánchez. 


Oil Tanker TM-083-023 Data Sheet 



Oil tanker TM-083-023


Oil tanker, Flash Point <60º

Type of model 

Port Vessel

Classification society

Certified by Bureau Veritas

Class notation


Service limitation

Sheltered waters

Registration port - flag


Registration No.

5ª BA-2-4-18



Construction No.



Total length of helm




Length between perpendiculars




Rule length




Moulded breadth




Construction prop




Gross tonnage




Maximum service speed




Total crew




Load capacity for liquid waste




Load capacity for solid waste






At the beginning, SYM Naval’s work was dedicated to repairing and maintaining ships. However, it has incorporated new services over time, including shipbuilding (see models).

“When the port law changed, I thought it would increase the demand for new vessels because there would be entrepreneurs in need of solutions. In addition to this, ports are placing limits on the age of ships, and in order to be able to start operating, you need to have young ships. When our company started building ships, it had already completed minor restorations and ship conversions, small projects that are in no way comparable to the full construction of an entire ship: adding cabins, lengthening the ship, etc. And over time we have managed to building ships with an increasingly larger size which are more complex from a naval engineering point of view”, explains Francisco Lage, CEO of SYM Naval.

This is the fifth ship built by the company SYM Naval, which has its main facilities in the south of the Mediterranean and a workshop in Santo Domingo (the Dominican Republic), working in dry dock and providing technical assistance and maintenance services to cruise ships and merchant ships.

“We’re specialists in the construction of work boats, it’s a job we love, that we know how to do, and that allows us to reach most of the Spanish Mediterranean market”, explains Francisco Lage.

The Oil Tanker TM-083-023, with a load capacity for products with a flash point of less than 60ºC, has been acquired by a company in the sector for collecting liquid and solid waste, and will soon begin to navigate the waters in the port of Barcelona, providing service to different vessels and transporting their oil waste and other flammable hydrocarbons.

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