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Our Most Recent Launch

On Friday, September 14th 2018, we launched an Oil Tanker TM-083-023 with a load capacity for MARPOL products with a flash point of less than 60º.

The launch was carried out in the port facilities of Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona), where we have our headquarters and shipyard. As usual, the event was attended by the port and maritime authorities, the shipowner and members of our company.

The launch of the Oil Tanker TM-083-023 took place at 12:30 pm. The technicians boarded the ship, carried out the required safety operations, and by means of two 500 Tn cranes, the launch was performed with absolute precision. 

It was the culmination of a process involving 10 months of hard work, in which more than 80 professionals actively intervened, including naval engineers and technicians. 

“When you look at the ship, you feel satisfied knowing that your team has placed their trust in you”, says Francisco Lage, CEO of SYM Naval. “It has taken a lot of hard work to get this far, both physically and intellectually, putting everything to the test in order to improve and evolve, and this sense of freshness in companies today is comforting. It’s comforting to see the client who tells you that the project has been a success, and it all feels so exciting as you start thinking about the next project”.  

The new Oil Tanker TM-083-023 is designed to be used to collect liquid waste from cruise ships and merchant ships in general. Its load capacity is 232.9 m3 and it is prepared to transport MARPOL I, IV, V and VI waste. It’s a model like no other on the market, as our philosophy has always been to make custom projects. 

“This ship has a special feature”, says Sergi Sánchez, Director of Operations at SYM Naval, “everyone told us: this boat can’t be built with these measurements. The challenge was to achieve the load capacity that is common for these types of ships, but without exceeding the tonnage of 150 GT and with its length of 23.89 meters. It’s a very compact ship, and we mustn't forget to mention that it’s also certified by the Bureau Veritas classification society, a global leader in inspection, certification and training activities”. 

We’ve managed to manufacture a compact ship with a high load capacity, which represents a qualitative leap in waste collection. Soon, the Oil Tanker TM-083-023, with a load capacity for products with a flash point of less than 60º, will begin to operate in the port of Barcelona, powered by its two 360 HP 2100 rpm engines to assist large ships.


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