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This will be SYM Naval's shipyard in the Dominican Republic

With the initial consent of Danilo Medina, President of the Dominican Republic, we at SYM Naval set in motion our project in the Caribbean: a new shipyard for the building, conversion and reparation of ships in the Azua port, in the south of the Dominican Republic.

With this big project that will mean the investment of 40 million dollars and will create 600 direct and indirect jobs, SYM Naval wants to be the partner of the main European and American ship operators in the Caribbean.

With this goal in mind, SYM Naval projects the building of a 4.0 shipyard with all its processes digitalized. Its total area will be about 50,000 m2 and will include two docks and other facilities that will be built in different phases throughout the next years.

A staff of 300 professionals

SYM Naval’s shipyard in the Azua port will create 300 direct jobs and up until 300 indirect jobs.

SYM Naval will contract and train highly specialized workers, able to offer services with the maximum quality and guarantee.

These jobs will be filled by local personnel, thus generating an important source of employment in the Azua province.

Environmental commitment

Following the guidelines that rule all our activities, in this project SYM Naval includes a clear environmental commitment. Not only applying the standards of the 14001 ISO certification in all our operations and facilities, but also actively taking part in the environmental preservation of the Dominican natural protected areas.

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