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Water bags: the safest load testing technique

SYM Naval’s service of load testing using water bags is a fast and safe way to gradually test loads of up to 120 t. Its structure is ideal for testing loads in:

  • - Cranes
  • - Crane jibs
  • - Lifeboats
  • - Etc.


These bags are made with an utmost flexible and resistant high performance material, and they are similar to those used with firefighting helicopters. Bags are filled with water until we obtain the weight that we need to certificate. Using a calibrated dynamometer we can control the amount of fresh or salt water introduced inside the bags, thus obtaining the exact weight we want to test.

Load test bags have a capacity of up to 120 t for cranes and crane jibs, and up to 6 t for lifeboats. A wide range of sizes makes it possible to adapt this system to the requirements of any project.

SYM Naval’s technical equipment and staff assure reliable and 100% professional results.

  • - Quality fabrics. Thanks to its high resistance fabrics, filling hoses and hoisting straps, SYM Naval’s water bags guarantee a safe test.
  • - Fast and efficient. When compared to the traditional testing systems, water bags are easier to fill. This makes a faster process. In addition, load testing with water bags is cheaper: they are easy to carry, store and handle, thus considerably reducing the timing.
  • - Greater security. By avoiding to handle heavy, solid loads, we eliminate many of the testing risks.
  • - Professional, cutomized service.It is a significant advantage to count with SYM Naval’s staff: independent and qualified to conduct a professional work that meets all the customers’ requirements.

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