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Water Bags | Loading Test

Solutions for weight control and crane certifications. 

Crane testing water bags.

A fast and safe system for performing load tests gradually. 

 Water bags

Quality fabrics

High-performance material for carrying out load tests of up to 120 tons. Bags made with high-resistance fabrics.

Water bag operators

Increased safety

Bags equipped with drain valves, filling hoses and lifting belts, all of which guarantee a safe process.

Crane with water bag

Speed and results

Water bags are easier to fill than sandbags. This feature makes it possible to ensure a faster service.

On ship water bag

More cost-effective

Load tests with water bags reduce costs, in addition to being easy to transport, store and handle, thus reducing the amount of time needed. 

Tests with water bags

Professional service

Technical team and operators with years of experience who are trained in performing load tests that yield reliable results.

Crane test with several water bags


Variety of water bag sizes with different load capacities, depending on the requirements of each project. 

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